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The ‘Makeup Look’ Is Out!

On YouTube there is a plethora of male-to-female makeup transformation videos, wherein young men transform themselves into party girl lookalikes. I’ve seen bunches of real women (not just Sephora and Mac employees) sporting globs of makeup so thick you can see their shimmery foundation peeling as they laugh… Indeed, the power of lipstick, mascara, powders and blushes is so shocking—one might argue the ‘makeup look’ loses some of its lustre as a result. The phrase ‘too much makeup’ is an insult, and demonstrates this aforesaid notion.

Veteran beauty writer Vicci Bentley has a new article out in How To Spend It, Financial Times: ‘Bare-faced chic’. In it she writes, “These days it’s all about effortless chic. Not looking as if you’ve spent hours evening out skin tone and concealing bags and dark circles under the eyes has, of course, always been the holy grail of make-up, yet currently it’s an obsession.”

Bare-faced chic

Veteran beauty writer has declared the ‘makeup look’ out. In with bare-faced chic!

Article description:

Subtle and effortless is the holy grail of make-up€“ and it has never been easier to achieve. Vicci Bentley reveals the discreet new products that have a natural finish covered.

What’s the lesson to take away from this trend? With the rise of beauty products to enhance (or, mask) one’s natural appearances—inner beauty and overall health become more important.

Right now I’m wearing:
– CeraVe Renewing SA Cream ($22.99/12oz)
– Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock Lotion SPF 100+ ($12.99/3oz)
– Shiseido ‘Perfect’ Hydrating BB Cream ($33/1oz)

Being an Asian female in the 21st-century, I understand but don’t subscribe to the pursuit of perfect-looking skin (also being stick skinny… I’m fine with my natural 19.0 BMI, thanks). I want actually perfect skin that feels good and looks good when I’m forty or just got out of the shower.

Shiseido 'Perfect' Hydrating BB Cream ($33/1oz)

BB Cream is the skincare regimen staple of countless South Korean men and women. The nude-coloured cream acts as a moisturiser, sunscreen, concealer and more. In the world of grooming, it is basically equivalent to a shampoo that doubles as a toothpaste and body wash.

Image (Top): How To Spend It writer Vicci Bentley

Image (Bottom): Nordstrom


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