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Philosophical Quote by Vilém Flusser

If to live is to search one’s way, I have lived intensely, that is, philosophically. But if to live is to have found one’s way, I did not even begin to live, that is, to have committed myself. I spent my life in availability, and I am still available…Mine was a life without religion and in search of religion, and is this not, after all, a definition of philosophy?—Vilém Flusser, Writings p. 198

The 21st-century world of fashion and skincare largely ignores men, unless, arguably, it’s effeminising men… We the creators of Sophymag are determined to address this problem.

What is Sophymag? Sophymag is a men’s fashion, skincare and gender studies blog. We plan to launch this blog in December 2013 as a full-fledged digital magazine supporting e-commerce, where readers can purchase from our stunning, affordable collection of carefully curated products.

Stay tuned to find out about interesting topics. Articles discussing ‘The Role of Tantric Buddhism in Fashion’ and ‘The Difference Between Mens vs. Womens Skincare’ are coming soon.

Like what you see around here? Leave us a comment! Feel free to send your essays, questions, suggestions, ideas and/or pictures (keep them PG, please) to sophymag (at) hotmail (dot) com. Even if you just want to talk about the weather or to rant, we promise to reply.

Large Plastic Cow

You’ve just seen something you don’t see every day: a large plastic cow in the back of a pickup truck. Now…have a good day!

Image (Top): Flickr user Dirk Dallas

Image (Bottom): Flickr user Ken Douglas


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